2D Payment Gateway


Amald 2D Payment Gateway service provider comes as a solution for those merchants in High-Risk industry who are lacking to expand their business due to not having a proper solution for their online transactions. It covers almost all the high-risk businesses like Betting, Casino, Tech-support, CBD, Gambling, Crypto exchanges, Forex, and Nutra. Amald provides dedicated account manager to their client; Merchants have to integrate the payment gateway with the help of account manager to start online transaction for the business.


2D Payment Gateway is payment processing software, which allows customers to complete their payments without entering OTP (One time password) and without any security checks. Customer has to enter only card number and expiry date. Once customer enters these details, purchase is complete.

 Integrating a 2D Payment Gateway in your website to accept the payments online can help you in improving your business performance. Amald is one of the best 2D Payment Gateway service providers in Mongolia which makes online payment easy and hassle-free for the clients.

Key features of 2D Payment Gateway provided by Amald:


·        Supports shopping cart service-Amald supports for all cart service which allows you to check out multiple products at once and makes your shopping experience better.

·        Highly Secured Transactions- Amald provides PCI-DSS level 1 compliance; it follows the highest transaction security laid by the industry, which makes your transaction safe and secured.

·        Chargeback and management- Amald provides prevention from chargeback. It stands by the merchants to create an appeal for all genuine sales with all relevant proof.

·        Robust reporting and fraud scrubbing- Amald provides you dedicated account manager who takes care of your account 24*7. Amald is well aware of fraudulent in market and keeps your payment secure from those.

·        Accepts multiple modes of payment- Amald gives your option to receive the payment from multiple ways like, debit card, credit card, mobile payment, and e-check etc., Which makes payment very easy for the customers.

·        Offshore merchant account- Amald helps to get offshore merchant account to those merchant who is looking to expand their business worldwide. Offshore merchant account gives hassle-free payment experience to your clients globally. Amald support all major currencies of the world and the payouts are also done via desired currency for the merchant, which provides solution for the different currency problem and helps you to drive diverse clients to your website.



Difference between 2D Payment Gateway and 3D Payment Gateway

               2D Payment Gateway- 2 Domain payment transactions are called 2D payment (Between consumer and merchant only). In 2D payment amount directly get transferred within bank account using opt of 2D secure password.

               3D Payment Gateway- 3 Domain payment transactions are called 3D payment (Consumer to service provider/Bank to merchant). In 3D payment amount get transferred through debit/credit card with intermediate 3D page authentication through 3D/OTP secure password.


How to integrate Amald 2D Payment Gateway with your website

By following few steps merchants can easily integrate 2D Payment Gateway with your website through Amald. Merchants need to fill an online form from official website of Amald. Once merchants will be done with that form they will get a knowledgeable consultant who will help them with the best rates from the different banks by applying only once and will also provide expert advice of one of the old decade MSP.  As a document Amald needs KYC and KYB.


In this article we have discussed about 2D Payment Gateway. 2D Payment Gateway is a perfect solution for those merchants who are into High-Risk business industry. Its hassle-free payment service helps to merchants get more number of sales and makes shopping experience easy for the customers as well. Amald provides the best 2D Payment Gateway service in Mongolia. It provides payment gateway service to High-Risk industry. It hardly matters that what type of business you have or in which industry you are? Amald provides accurate solution to all your online transactions. Amald provides 2D Payment Gateway service with PCI-DSS level 1 compliance which makes your online transaction secure and risk free. It provides a dedicated account manager to their clients with 24*7 support who help merchants in case of robust and fraudulent. Amald helps merchants to get offshore accounts as well so they can get traffic from worldwide and can make maximum number of sales. Also, it supports all major currencies of the world.