Is Payment Gateways Asking Security Deposits for Big Transactions?

If a person thought to start the business related to online transactions then he ought to know all the relevant details with it. Although, there are many of the notes and facts in the form of Key answers which could be found over the internet. But, with the online business not related with a country specific terminology and the whole world moving around the 3W’s which is world-wide web technology or the internet one has to know about the specific details related to the country of residence.


Now, keeping the fact in mind the business which is online is always related with the country specific guidelines that is about the terms and conditions led by the main bank which is termed at time as Federal bank or the national bank of the country. The service industry has a different approach where the airline and many other such industries are given an advantage as they do not come under any territory regime but of the country of origin only.

With the payment gateway helping with easy online transactions one question always comes in mind that is payment gateways asking security deposits for big transactions.


The payment gateways are just a resource that fulfils the gap between the bank and the customers. Before understanding the important aspect of security deposits one has to understand the all requirements of helping a company with the payment gateways and how to get it.


The online payments has become easy to do but it has lot more compliance related to it in the form of education chess in some of the country and also various chess and GST charges associated with online payments and transactions.


One has to understand the key players in online payments:


Before we get into deeper definition of the payment gateway it will be easy for us to identify key players with online payments. As soon as the customer clicks with “Pay” button on the website, these are the key players involved in payment process:


1.   The merchant if is you, then online business operating with any vertical like travel, retail, e-Commerce along with gaming and Forex product the service to customers.

2.   In terms of the customers is also called a cardholder with access to products or services that the merchant is selling, and also initiates the transaction.

3.   The issuing bank remains the customer bank that issues cardholder’s credit or debit card on behalf of the schemes by the main merchant such as Visa or Mastercard.

4.    The acquirer: The acquirer also known as the acquiring bank which is the financial institution that maintains merchant’s bank account. The acquiring of bank passes that merchant’s transactions to the issuing bank to receive payment.


Now, getting back to the question which asks “Is payment gateways asking security deposits for big transactions”?

To some extent that may stand true that the payment gateways asking security deposits for big transactions but it could be certainly about the banks who ask the merchant sites and the company which takes it helps to deposit a certain amount in terms of security deposit.

Here, are some specific business requirements related to security deposits.

Security deposits requirements:

Ø You may be required at times to provide security deposit with registration of GST when at least one of the directors or partners of the business:

Ø The outstanding income tax or penalties

Ø The director/ partner/ sole proprietor and other business with outstanding tax/penalties or favorable returns


·     The security deposit which also implies for any other reason that a comptroller can deem fit.

The amount and with the form of security deposit:

The bank generally starts with the terms “We will notify you all about the amount of security deposit and required upon processing with application for the GST registration”

·     One has to understand that there are no .hidden charges where it comes to security deposit but specific details are provided including the GST.

The waiver of security deposit is the first thing which comes in the mind of a businessman who keeps monetary benefits in mind at the first step of incorporation of his company or looking for the online business transactions.

Also, one has to understand the difference between the payment gateway vs merchant account and the credit card transactions or transmit online for payment data.

At times there may be certain banks which do not ask for security deposits but so getting the relevant details is all about the thorough enquiry with three main providers:

Ø The bank

Ø The payment gateway provider

Ø The credit or debit card company

The information on payment gateways singapore and the security deposits may be very much according to the details of the banks. But, one has to remember that a person has to act wise when it comes to bank and while it is not about getting to eager about asking of the security deposits nor leave it to the bank.

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